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Press article fom  04.02.2009

Hering: “The Jobs at Hahn are safe”

The Secretary of State for Rhineland Palatinate in charge of Economics, Traffic, Agriculture and Viniculture, Mr. Hendrik Hering, has informed the employees of the airport Frankfurt-Hahn about the further development of the location. “The state of Rhineland Palatinate intents to take over the shares from of the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn from Fraport as of 01 January 2009.

We have reached a consensus with Fraport in this matter. The state of Hessia is currently taking part in constructive negotiations for the necessary authorization and these are expected to close shortly. There is a clear tendency that the state of Hessia will remain in the partnership”, Sec. Hering stated during the general information assembly for the staff. “We had to pull the rip-cord with the HahnTaler in view of the fact that the impending threat by RyanAir leaving would have meant the end for the airport and thousands of people would have lost their work.” The state of Rhineland Palatinate wishes to prof-itably operate and lead one of the most important conversion projects towards the fu-ture, together with the state of Hessia, in a long-term strategy. “The state of Rhineland-Palatinate stands firmly behind the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn and its employees and sees great potential for creating additional jobs around the airport”, the Sec. continues. He sees great potential for development in the planned new company Entwicklungsge-sellschaft Hahn GmbH (GH) that is to develop and market the currently fallow areas around the airport systematically and professionally. “Additional opportunities for growth and employment for the whole region is resting landside of the airport”, says Sec. Hering. “In addition to that, the scheduled restructuring of the terminal will make the airport even more productive”. The passenger terminal is set to be expanded by 800 square meters to 4,500 square meters, the check-in area will be consolidated and the security check points will be centralized.

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