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Press article fom  12.10.2006

Aeroflot expands its European base at Frankfurt-Hahn

Aeroflot, Russia’s largest airline, today announced the launch of a wholly-owned subsidiary, "Aeroflot Cargo", with the opening of a new sales office in Mainz, at an event attended by Carsten Kühl, the Rhineland-Palatine State Secretary of Economy and Transport, Jörg Schumacher, managing director of Hahn Airport and other officials. Aeroflot’s manager Andrei A. Goryashko, the new CEO of Aeroflot Cargo, furthermore announced that the freight capacity of the European hub of Frankfurt-Hahn will increase significantly by 2008 as a result of six MD11 freighters leased by Aeroflot Cargo. At present, Aeroflot operates four DC-10 freighters, based at Germany’s fourth-largest caro airport, for an average of 13 flights a week to the Far East via Russia. Aeroflot has been recording significant growth since relocating its European base of operations from Luxembourg to Hahn in 2002: At present, the company has turned over more than 42,000 tons of freight during the period from January to September 2006 – which is 12 times as much as it did during the same period in 2002 (3,474 tons) .

"Aeroflot’s operations are significantly strengthening the second biggest com-mercial revenue generator – freight traffic – of Germany’s fourth largest airport, Frankfurt-Hahn," emphasized Carsten Kühl, the Rhineland-Palatine State Secretary of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture at the "Aeroflot Cargo" launch party in Mainz. By accounting for an average of 50 percent of all cargo flights arriving and departing from Frankfurt-Hahn airport, Russia’s largest airline is also one of the airport operator’s most significant partners when it comes to airfreight. "By further expanding its operations at its European base in Frankfurt-Hahn, Aeroflot Cargo is a driving force in the air freight sector’s economic development on a global level as well as securing jobs on a regional one," continued Kühl.

Frankfurt-Hahn airport, one of the largest of Aeroflot Cargo’s bases in the world (in addition to Moscow, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk), plays a vital role in Aeroflot’s plans for future expansion. "The establishment of Aeroflot Cargo and as-sociated plans for expansion require that we collaborate even more efficiently in future with Frankfurt-Hahn airport," said Andrej Goryashko, CEO of Aeroflot Cargo. "This is because we are increasing our presence in Hahn and are also planning to increase the number of freighters based there," revealed Gorya-shko. In concrete terms, this refers to the successive replacement of the four DC-10 freighters currently based at Hahn with MD-11 freighters. The number of MD-11s based at Hahn is to be increased to 6 by 2008. The first freighter is scheduled for delivery at the beginning of July 2007, two further ones in September and November respectively, and the last three are to be delivered sometime during the course of 2008. "Our old DC-10 freighters will be phased out from our intercontinental fleet and used for flights within Russia only as soon as the MD11 freighters are ready for use," Goryashko continued. At present, Aeroflot Cargo is employing 277 people, 18 of which are working at its European base at Frankfurt-Hahn airport.

"The dedication of Aeroflot Cargo - our largest air freight customer - is another clear signal for our airport," said Jörg Schumacher, Management Spokesman of Frankfurt-Hahn airport. "The change to the MD-11 freighters and the expansion of our fleet to a total of six planes based at Frankfurt-Hahn not only represents a significant increase in our carrying capacity – a DC-10 can transport nearly 65 tons, an MD-11 up to 90 tons – but also requires the provision of several apron areas." It was only last year that a new Ramp 4 with a new taxiway and two additional freighter parking spaces were constructed, which means that the airport now has a total of six apron areas suitable for accommodating the largest freighters in the world. In addition to the existing ACL (Advanced Cargo Logistics GmbH) freight-handling centre, two additional freight-warehouses, to cater for an annual turn-over of up to 90,000 tons, are currently being constructed by private investors in order to cope with the airport’s increasing freight capacities. The first of the new Hahn Cargo Services/Fraport Cargo Services freight handling halls is to open in November this year.

Aeroflot - significant growth during the third quarter of 2006 As in previous years, Aeroflot Cargo was again able to record significant growth this year: By turning over a total of 42,017 tons of freight between January and September this year, the Russian cargo airline has significantly exceeded its turnover from the previous year by 13 percent (2005: 37,221 tons). Looking back to the third quarter of 2002, the freight handled by the company has increased by a total of 39,000 tons – a staggering 12 times as much as in 2002.

"Our turnover for the whole of 2005 totalled nearly 53,000 tons," said Oleg Korolev, Regional Cargo Manager for Europe. "Based on the figures for the last three quarters and the coming winter and Christmas business, we have already been able to establish that our growth rate for this year will be significantly higher than for previous years. Frankfurt-Hahn airport already proved to be an ideal choice for Aeroflot’s European operations since it operated its very first flights from there - which where charter flights in 2000. We now have great plans for this highly significant, 24-hour gateway to Russia and the Far East," continued Korolev.

The new Aeroflot Cargo sales office in the Römerpassage in Mainz was also officially opened today. This office is staffed by a team of eight, led by Oleg Korolev, and will dedicate itself to conducting the company’s sales and marketing operations. The ten employees based at the European hub of Frankfurt-Hahn airport, however, will primarily be responsible for dealing with airport operations.

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