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Press article fom  22.05.2006

Hahn Corporate Card and Smart Shopping Card

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, May 22, 2006. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is launching two new customer cards to the market: the "Smart Shopping Card" for all passengers and visitors who would like to save money shopping at the airport, and the "Hahn Corporate Card", which offers business travellers and frequent fliers even more advantages apart from low-cost flights. Information and application forms available at www.hahn-airport.de.

Hahn Corporate Card for Business Travellers and Frequent Fliers
The trend toward business trips, as well as frequent flying on low-cost flights, show no sign of slacking. Frankfurt-Hahn, Germany's first low-cost airport, chalked up around eighteen percent business travellers and twelve percent frequent fliers in 2005, with an upward tendency.

This airport in the Hunsrück region is increasingly counting on this target group and is introducing a new customer loyalty scheme, the "Hahn Corporate Card". Low-cost flights coupled with business-class service is the trend to which this frequent-flier airport on the Hahn is devoting its attention. "This easily foreseeable trend has given us reason to engage this important target group more intensively and offer them yet more services," reports Sigrid Kramb, Deputy Head of Marketing and responsible for the new customer loyalty project. The goal is to keep regular customers, bind occasional customers more closely and, of course, attract new customers. By introducing the "Hahn Corporate Card", the airport is hoping to attract the attention of even more companies surrounding the Rhine-Main area.

The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is known to passengers as an airport that offers special advantages. Apart from the low flight prices, they primarily appreciate the short, uncomplicated routes from the check-in to the aircraft. There are no busses on the apron that have to wait up to the last passenger before driving to the plane – here, passengers can set their own pace – as long as they do not neglect the departure times, of course.
<7br> With the "Hahn Corporate Card", the airport is now offering more extra-fast VIP-format parking, check-in, and boarding services. A dedicated parking lot is available right next to the terminal, baggage is processed in no time at the VIP check-in, and the VIP safety check sends passengers without long waits directly to the departure lounge and then straight to the airplane. Those who have time before the safety inspection can relax in the VIP lounge, take care of important phone calls or talks, use the wireless LAN to log on to the Web and quickly finish up their presentation. In addition, guests can enjoy major daily newspapers, magazines, food and drinks undisturbed. Indicator panels in the lounge provide them with information on the status of the flights.

The "Hahn Corporate Card" is available at a yearly price of € 399 and can be used by every member of staff regardless of the person.

Small, Green and Clever – the New Smart Shopping Card
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport not only stands for low-cost flights, but also for good shopping opportunities in the terminal. Shopping is easy here. There are no long lines at the check-out counter, competent advice can be had, and all this from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week. At the airport terminal, guests can find everything to fulfil their everyday needs and on short notice. Here there are innumerable ideas for presents, such as art objects and gift articles, health and cosmetic products, designer eyeglasses, luggage and leather goods, enchanting jewellery creations, young fashion and erotic inspirations, as well as a well-stocked chocolate shop for that sweet seduction.

The new "Smart Shopping Card" enables guests to save even more starting now. For every euro spent, the respective participating business credits a corresponding number of points. Guests who have accumulated five hundred points (corresponding to a value of five euros) can choose one of three premiums at one of the participating stores and take it with them immediately. Both flight passenger and mere visitors can collect points everywhere – for instance, at coffee and cake on a Sunday with the family, or when spontaneously booking a smart sports car or a trip in the terminal.

The partners involved include all the stores (except the newspaper shops and Travel Value Shops), such as Jung Bakery, Sixt Car Rental, Mike Keller Travel Market and the BurgStadt Hotel. Brand new additions are the Peter Hillen GmbH airport boutiques, with their wide range of travel luggage, and the "Chocopoint" of Rudolf Stein GmbH, a chocolate shop with a select palette of new and unusual chocolates and other sweets.

The Shopping Card is available in all terminal shops and restaurants participating in the program at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Then the Shopping Card can be activated quite simply by clicking the online form at www.hahn-airport.de. For this purpose, the seven-digit number on the front of the current card is needed. Have fun collecting your points!

Further information and application forms for the two customer cards can be found starting immediately at the website, www.hahn-airport.de.

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