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Press article fom  09.09.2005

New Access Road Opens Today

Frankfurt-Hahn, 9th September 2005. Right on schedule this morning, the new access road was opened for use at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Hundreds of passengers and visitors helped to launch the four-lane access road leading directly to the terminal. The final signs and lane markings will be finished in the next few days. On November 24, the new road will be officially inaugurated by Minister President Beck and the Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn, the developer. More information is available at www.hahn-airport.de.

"We are glad that the Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn was able to bring to completion its plans for expanding the landside infrastructure within a very short period of time and that we can now enable our passengers, visitors and customers to get to the airport grounds easier and faster," said Jörg Schumacher, Management Spokesman of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. In addition to the direct four-lane road for private cars, trucks will be conducted without intersections by way of a newly built bridge over the road into the cargo area of the airport. This will mean safe traffic for all involved.

The Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn, founded on 1st January 2002, is responsible for developing the airport grounds outside the domain of air traffic safety. Work on the infrastructure under the sponsorship of the Zweckverband was urgently needed to handle the growing volume of cargo and passengers. This is why excavators, bulldozers, and caterpillar shovel loaders have been dominating the scene at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport since 2002. The new access road crossing the airport grounds – coming from the Lautzenhausen intersection on county road number 2 – up to the terminals was built in three stages. The third and largest stage – the actual entry into the airport grounds from the Lautzenhausen intersection – was started in August of 2004 and has now been completed.

Clearing the field for building the new access road first required extensive demolition work. A total of fourteen former US building structures had to give way to the new access road. Among other extensive work, this called for sewer construction, supplying water both for drinking and firefighting, power supplies, ductwork to contain information technology and telecommunications system lines, district heating pipes, street lighting and bridges, not to mention road construction.

The total cost of the construction work amounted to around € 10 million. The Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn is also responsible for the bus station expansion project, which is supposed to open in October. This project will cost about € 600,000.

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