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Press article fom  07.09.2005

The apron is being enlarged and Frankfurt-Hahn is one of the fastest-growing cargo airports in the world

Frankfurt-Hahn, 7th September 2005. Owing to rising passenger numbers and cargo tonnages, the first low-cost airport in Germany, Frankfurt-Hahn, is finding it needs more and more room and is therefore increasingly concentrating on expanding its infrastructure. Its next project will be to further enlarge the apron, especially for the cargo area. Construction is intended to start this year on two new cargo positions for wide-bodied aircraft and to be finished roughly in May of 2006. According to the international trade journal "AirCargoWorld", Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was the only German airport to place among the fastest-growing cargo-airports worldwide last year.

"We act according to our slogan, 'We only build what is best suited to customers' wants and needs'. There is definitely a need for more aircraft parking spaces, especially in the cargo area, and our aim is to make space as fast and as far as possible, to strengthen our airport's growth," says Jörg Schumacher, Speaker for the Management of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH.

A taxiway with a total area of 12,000 sqm and two apron positions for wide-bodied aircraft were already built on the new Ramp 4 within a very short period of time in June of this year. Now two additional cargo positions adjoining Ramp 4 in a north-easterly direction will be adding another roughly 31,000 sqm. Along with the six freight positions already in place, a total of eight cargo apron positions will be available next year to handle the world's big Antonovs, Boeings and DC-10's. The costs of the project will amount to about six million euros.

In the passenger segment, nine apron positions are already serving low-cost airlines and various charter companies. The total area of the apron at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is around 150,000 sqm.

In an article entitled "Top Airports" in the July edition of the international trade journal "AirCargoWorld", Frankfurt-Hahn was the only German airport among the 22 fastest-growing cargo airports listed. The magazine scrutinized airports all over the world whose cargo volume was at least 75,000 tons in 2004. With its growth rate of twenty percent, Frankfurt-Hahn ranked just behind the airports in Manchester, Madras (India), Xiamen (China) und Mumbai (India). First place was taken by the airport in Macao, China, with a growth rate of 56 percent.

Moreover, Germany's fourth-largest cargo airport was able to raise its Europe-wide position by three places to rank seventeen, and to 85th place worldwide, a jump of six places (in both cases close behind Munich airport).

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