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Press article fom  04.11.2004

British Airways World Cargo doubles freight flights

Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, 4. November 2004. After just two months operations at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, British Airways World Cargo announces to double its frequencies from two to four freight flights a week. The British airline started on September 16 with one flight to Johannes-burg and one to Hongkong on every Friday. Now two more flights to Hongkong each Monday and Saturday are added to the winter time table. Four Jumbo-freighters of the Type B747 of Atlas Air will be put into operation for the airline.

„The reason of the additional flights in Frankfurt-Hahn is primarily the excellent performances of the whole airport team – from ground to apron handling as well as freight handling by our new partner A.C.L.“, reports Michael Klein, Customer Service Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland of British Airways World Cargo. Furthermore the airline uses the positive factor of not being bound to possible night-flight restrictions. Even the flexibility of the airport regards to placing slots is emphasized. „At possible delays this fact gives us always the option to absorb lost time as well as to minimize delays“, says Klein. Also the operational costs should not be dismissed, concludes Klein.

No more than two months ago, on 16th September, British Airways World Cargo, one of the tenth largest cargo airlines in the world, started at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. To be already one step ahead the British airline then relocated one flight from Cologne-Bonn and one from Frankfurt Rhine-Maine due to the planned night-flight restrictions to the fourth largest freight airport in Germany, which has a stable 24-hour operation.

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