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Press article fom  06.10.2004

Germany's first kiddies' airline en route for Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 6th October 2004 – The offspring of the staff of Germany's first low-cost airport make a fitting conclusion to Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH's three-part calendar series in 2005. After the men and women of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH have been featured on calendars in 2003 and 2004, the younger generation has now had the pleasure of the unlimited attention of the photographers at a loud and cheerful photo shoot. And all in a good cause. The total profit from the calendar will go to the offspring of one airport employee, whose twins are in need of a special donation. With an edition of 1000 copies, the "Hahn-Kids 2005" calendar is available imme-diately at only 9.95 euros via the Internet www.hahn-airport.de and from the airport information desk in Terminal 1.

Mischievously, impishly, cheekily, brashly, spiritedly, but also "cool" and contemplatively, the children stare out of the calendar at the observer. The energy and joie de vivre of the five to ten-year-olds can not only be seen from the photos, but also during the shoot, all those involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the "Frankfurt-Hahn Adventure Playground". The children were able to play as they wished, "so that we could catch their naturalness and exuberance", said Nico Fricke of the advertising agency soho! brands&markets from Wiesbaden, which has already been responsible for the men's and women's calendar projects. "We had originally planned to have one child for each month, but as all the candidates were so charmingly assembled, we took them all - 24 altogether", said Maria Muller, Airport Marketing Manager and the initiator of the successful trio of calen-dar projects: Men 2003, Women 2004 and now Children 2005.

"The naturalness, the powerful and never-ending energy and the involvement in the game were simply wonderful to experience. The characters of our professional world were genially portrayed by our kids - the airline captain was always very strict, the mini passport control officers would simply not let anybody travel without a passport, and the five-year-old stewardess on board would only dispense Cola for one euro or more", reports Muller from her observations during the photo shoot. The children were, of course, supported by their parents, who work in widely different areas of the airport, including passenger handling, operations, the airport fire service, the real estate department, accountancy, check-in, IT and security. "We expect our Hahn-Kids 05 calendar to sell out very quickly, like the first two calendar projects - Men 2003 and Women 2004", continued Muller.

Especially as this is a good cause. The total income from the calendar will go to the family of airport employee Marco Bauermann, whose daughter Hannah, one of twins, suffered a brain haemorrhage when she was born in May 2003. This was followed by the administration of a bypass, several inflammations and visits to the hospital. "In six months, we have travelled more than 10,000 km to and from the hospital", reports Hannah's father, who works in the airport workshop. And they still have a lot to do for their delicate offspring. In the meantime, Hannah is a little better, but the regular movement therapy and alternative practitioner administrations are very expensive.

"We particularly look after one another at Hahn. In the meantime, we have to thank our more than 2,400 employees on the whole airport site for our unique ten-year success story. And their children are, of course, also part of our company culture - for only together are we strong. Children are our future, as they are the employees and/or customers of tomorrow", say the Managing Directors of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, Andreas Helfer and Jörg Schumacher.

With the support of the extremely creative airport staff, a real children's play airport was constructed with placards in the auditorium of the conference centre. The 24 kids could therefore cavort on the multicoloured apron, in the tower, the check-ins, in the boarding gates, security check areas and the low-cost Kiddie Airline, and, of course, pose in front of the lenses of the photographers Johannes Krzeslack and Herbert Fischer from the Fotostudio Fischer in Frankfurt. There was just a short advance briefing from the advertising agency for parents and children. But the diminutive firemen, stewardesses, air traffic controllers and pilots already felt at home in their airport.

The "Hahn-Kids 2005" calendar with more than 48 action photos and with portraits of the children will appear in a limited edition of 1000 copies and will also provide sufficient space for recording appointments and holidays. It is available from the airport web site www.hahn-airport.de for only 9.95€ plus postage, or directly from the airport information desk in Terminal 1.

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