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Now you can find tips for city excursions around the airport at www.hahn-airport.de

The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn is not only attractive as a place for departures to fifty destinations in Europe and North Africa but also well liked as a destination itself for tourists from abroad. Due to its convenient geographical location not only excursions to renowned landmarks are easily reached but there are also interesting and attractive cities worth visiting located in the larger vicinity of the airport. You can go to www.hahn-airport.de and choose the English version; in the section “Travel Tips” you will find free event info for concerts, cultural, art and sport events in the cities of Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, Mannheim and Trier.


Airport Frankfurt-Hahn opens new Cargo Crew Terminal

More service for Cargo Crews at the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn – that is the motto with which Mr. Colin Martin, CEO of AirRep Holdings Ltd. Officially inaugurated the new crew terminal for cargo airlines together with Mr. Uwe Klettenheimer, CEO of the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. The facility encompassing 150 sq m and developed together with AirRep Germany GmbH is situated in building 417 on the airport premises.


New Price Structure and more Transparency for Parking

The Board of Directors of the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH announced this week that parking fees will be adjusted as of September 15. This means that parking the car on the long term parking lot P7 for one week will now cost 30 Euros instead of the 35 Euros up to now, each additional week is only 25 Euros - the shuttle bus will still bring the passengers to the terminal free of charge as before. At the same time the hourly parking fee for the short term parking near the terminal will be slightly raised to 2.50 Euros.


New Aircraft Maintenance Company at Airport Frankfurt-Hahn

A new company for the maintenance of airplanes is being established at the Air-port Frankfurt-Hahn. The newly founded Haitec AG offers maintenance work and all other connected technical services for commercial aircraft. Founding fathers and board members of the enterprise are Dieter Krah, CEO of Heico Aviation Group and Michael Bock, former Technical Director of LTU. Haitec has leased the entire existing aircraft maintenance hangar in order to implement these services and is currently starting to build the necessary organization. Haitec is planning to invest four Million Euros alone in 2008 into the Hahn location.


Vladivostok Avia connects Frankfurt-Hahn with Moscow

On April 30. the fourth Airline with Low-Cost Prices, the Russian airline Vladi-vostok Avia, starts from the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn. Three times a week the Russian airline will take off from the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn and fly to Moscow, 2.500 km away. Using modern airplanes type Airbus A320 the Russian capitol can be reached in only 3 hours on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for a price starting at 94 Euros one-way. “We would like to offer our Russian passengers the opportunity to discover Europe with this regular connection of Moscow – Frankfurt-Hahn. The advantageous geographical location of the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn, the well developed infrastructure which is perfectly tailored for Low-Cost-Airlines, as well as the diverse routing to other European countries were decisive in adding this connection” says Vladimir Aleksandrowitsch Sajbel, General Manager of Vladivostok Avia. The other way around, passengers from Frankfurt-Hahn have the possibility to fly to other regions of Russia through connecting flights with Vladivostok Avia in Moscow.


Changed Access to the Airport Terminal

Hahn-Airport, 25 February 2008. A change to the access road in front of the ter-minal will take place in order to relieve the heavy frequented road. The road cir-cling in front of the terminal will be transformed into a parking lot with gate ac-cess mid-week. During the transformation stage traffic advisors will be on loca-tion in order to give out information about the changed access and on other possibilities.


Airport Frankfurt-Hahn achieves another operational profit

The airport Frankfurt-Hahn continues its growth: the German airport has recently presented new record results in their transaction trade accounts for 2007. More than four Million passengers have utilized the low cost airport in Rhineland Palatinate, eight percent more than in 2006. During the same time frame about 290,000 tons of freight were handled (nine percent more than the previous year), of that 165,000 road feeder service (goods shipped by truck - increase of three percent). The amount of air traffic movements has also risen by three percent to about 41,000. Now the airport operator, Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH (FFHG) has announced their economical results as well: after a first operational profit in 2006 a continued and further positive operational result was achieved in 2007. The figure 626,868 Euros represents the company earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and as such a 40 percent increase in comparison from the previous year (446,502 Euros).


Airport Frankfurt-Hahn is starting into the coming years with positive expectations

Ten years after the Fraport AG became a major shareholder in the operating company of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport it is looking at the interim results. The Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Udo Preißner says: “the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has developed into a major hub of international importance within a few years and it would be difficult to imagine the Hunsrück without it.” during the New Year’s Breakfast Event for the Press at the Hahn-Airport Conference Center. “For the first time we passed the 4 - Million passenger mark during the past year and we even achieved record results in the freight sector.” At the same time, together with the Ryanair Director of Sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland Mrs. Anja Seugling, he took the opportunity to take a look into the future and to present the expansion plans for the coming year.