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Egypt Air Cargo declared Hahn its European Hub

Egypt Air Cargo has declared the German Airport Frankfurt-Hahn as its central European hub. The Egyptian cargo airline is planning to increase their weekly flight plan from currently 7 to 15 flights with the new winter flight schedule. That is what Captain Asaad Darwish, Chairman of Egypt Air Cargo announced to eighty of the most important Egyptian exporters on 31 October in Cairo. A meeting with Minister Hendrik Hering and a representative of the airport on a trip for economic relations to Algiers and Egypt preceded this announcement.


More and more positions at the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn

The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn has become one of the most flourishing economic locations and one of the largest employers in the Hunsrück region. The fast growth of the successful airport has led to numerous settlements of different companies around the airport and in the otherwise somewhat economically underdeveloped region. This is the result that the A & O Arbeitsmarkt- und Organisationsberatung Gettmann (Institute for labor market and organizational consulting) which has been taking regular surveys since 1998 has come to after their most current analysis.


The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn stays its successful course.

The dynamic traffic development continues with-out fail at the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn. The amount of passengers at the Hunsrueck airport has increased by another 13% during the first nine months of this year in comparison with last year's figures. Up until September 3.135.135 passengers took advantage of the service offer by the Rhineland-Palatinate airport. In the cargo segment the numbers have increased as well and an upward trend is clearly visible. The air-cargo turn-over has increased from 194.946,48 tons last year to 200.069,48 this year up to date. This defines a progression of three percent. There have also been more flight movements all in all this year then in comparison to last year during the same period of time, from 30.098 to 31.577, which constituted a growth of five percent.


The runway extension is fully operational starting today

The extension of the runway at Hahn-Airport was made completely operational today. The prior 3,045 meter long runway had been extended to 3,800 meters in recent years. A part of the newly constructed section had already been approved for use in March 2006 – now the runway, in it’s entire length, can be used for take-offs and landings.


Passenger Volume Increases 15 Percent in the First Six Months

Hahn Airport, July 16, 2007. The dynamic growth of traffic at Frankfurt Hahn Airport is still ongoing. In the first six months of this year, 1.94 million passengers were registered, around 250,000 more than in the same period last year (1.69 million). The number of commercial starts and landings rose by seven percent to reach a new peak of 19,313 flight movements. Air cargo handling came to 125,874 tonnes, or two percent below last year's figure. The number of employees at the airport climbed from 2,604 last year to 3,158 (an increase of twenty-one percent).


VG Cargo Opens New Cargo Terminal

Hahn Airport, June 20, 2007. VG Cargo GmbH has opened a new, ultramodern cargo terminal. Five years after the cargo handling company was founded, a logistics centre with around 10,000 sqm of storage space and 2,300 sqm of office space has been built right on the apron. The warehouse, certified by TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) and featuring video surveillance and X-ray security systems, meets even the highest of security demands. Automated volume and weight measurement, along with constant monitoring of the number of items and markings of the cargo, ensure optimal handling. The investment volume for the building project, which was finished in only eight months, amounted to around nine million euros. The construction work was done by the Goldbeck construction company.


Schenker links Dubai, Hahn and Toledo with new round-trip service

The first Boeing 747-400F on a round-trip flight from Dubai to Toledo, Ohio (USA) via Frankfurt/Hahn airport will land at Hahn on 3 June at 06:30 h. The new airfreight service from Deutsche Bahn subsidiary Schenker is specially tailored to the needs of customers in the electronics, automotive, mechanical engineering and garment industries.


Preißner New Head of Marketing and Sales

Udo Preißner will be taking over the management of marketing and sales department at Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH on July 15, 2007. Preißner, holder of a degree in business administration, last worked at Vienna Airportas Manager of Controlling and Finance at Fraport Ground Services Austria and will be replacing Maria Muller, who will be moving into the management of the Rostock Laage Airport on July 1st.


Director of Sales and Marketing, is going to Rostock-Laage

Hahn airport, 15th May 2007, Maria-Muller, long-standing Director of Sales and Marketing, is leaving Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH at the end of June 2007 to take over the management of Rostock-Laage airport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from 1st July 2007. Ms Muller, who has been working in sales and marketing for the Hunsrück-based airport since January 1998, contributed sig-nificantly to the success of the airport.


And the winner is… Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn has won the Cargo Airport 2007 Award in the category of best performing cargo airport processing between 100,000 to 500,000 tons of cargo per year. The award ceremony for the Cargo Airport of the Year Award, an initiative of the international professional journal Air Cargo News, formed part of a gala dinner given at the London Royal Lancaster Hotel that was attended by more than 600 cargo experts.



Etihad Crystal Cargo will switch its German freighter services from Frankfurt International airport to Frankfurt-Hahn airport.


"Fly Services" wraps luggage

Frankfurt Hahn Airport, January 29, 2007. For the past month, Fly Services Germany has been offering a special luggage security service at Frankfurt Hahn Airport called "Safe Bag System". Here suitcases, backpacks, baby buggies and the like are wrapped up in durable, multi-layered protective plastic film. The advantage is that this prevents scratches and damage from weather or theft, while also keeping bags from opening accidentally. The cost is only € 7.00 per piece of luggage, including insurance against loss and or damage. Six new employees were hired at Hahn to take care of this work.


Positive operating result for the first time

Frankfurt Hahn Airport, January 26, 2007. Frankfurt Hahn Airport has attained its goal and closed its business year with an operative profit for the first time in 2006. EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) amounted to € 446,502, well into the black and represented an improvement of around € 2.9 million over the previous year (2005: € -2.4 million). Income from sales climbed to € 43.5 million, a total of 6.6 million or 18 percent above 2005 (€ 36.9 million in 2005).


“Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn” Successfully Concludes Cargo Project

Frankfurt Hahn Airport, January 15, 2007. After only thirteen months under con-struction, the new cargo access road at Frankfurt Hahn Airport was opened to-day. The project costs for the roughly 440-meter access road ran to € 3.4 million. The “Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn” (Hahn Airport Special-Purpose Associa-tion) was responsible for the construction project.


Passengers Numbering 3.7 Million Top Expectations

Frankfurt Hahn Airport, January 9, 2007. Frankfurt Hahn Airport has set a new record in its air traffic statistics for the year 2006. With more than 3.7 million passengers – nearly 630,000 more than last year – the passenger figures for the past business year soared by twenty percent vs. the previous year. More than 266,000 tons of air cargo were handled, an increase of 16 percent. A rise of 6 percent in comparison to last year's figures was also chalked up by the 39,619 flight movements in 2006. Rhineland-Palatinate's low-cost airport is thus steadily continuing on its course of growth. The forecasts made at the beginning of 2006 were surpassed by far in all areas.