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Press article fom  27.09.2001

Construction Start for 14.5 Million Project

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 27 September 2001. The first spadeful of earth has been dug over to mark the beginning of further expansion to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. On Wednesday the managing directors, Andreas Helfer and Jörg Schumacher, gave the green light for building of the new aprons to commence.

It is planned that check-in counters and handling facilities to accommodate three, wide-bodied aircraft will be constructed over an area of 63,000 square metres – which corresponds to the size of seven football pitches. The development project, covering an investment figure of 14.5 million deutschmarks, is scheduled for completion by March 2002. Before that date, 140,000 cubic metres of earth will have to be moved and 20,000 cubic metres of concrete produced.

The project is the brainchild of the engineering consultancy firm, airplan GmbH, which specialises in airport construction and which is also in charge of the site management here at Hahn. The entire project management and the control of site management are the responsibilities of the Department of Construction Engineering, Planning and Project Management of the Fraport AG. The carrying out of the work is to be undertaken by the firm of Walter-Heilit Verkehrswegebau GmbH.

It is primarily the airline companies and the freight handlers at the Hahn location who will benefit from these developments. The realising of such a project will most definitely mean a marked improvement in the performance potential of the airport and it will place it in good stead in the face of the competitors. This project is also literally laying the foundations for further expansion by creating the best prerequisites for future growth. Moreover, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport will, in the future, more easily be able to ease the burden of traffic flying to Frankfurt Airport. It cannot be denied that Hahn is set to play an outstanding role in the expansion plans of the Fraport AG. For this company, in collaboration with the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, is striving to create a European airport system encompassing Frankfurt (Main) and Frankfurt-Hahn.

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