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Press article fom  11.07.2001

Customer-orientated competition in the cargo sector

Cargo customers at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport have a choice: Instead of the Airport being in a monopoly situation there is a choice of three attractive competitors

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 11 July 2001. The cargo business sector at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is a branch with enormous growth opportunities. As a result, the Hunsrück airport situated in the centre of the triangle formed by the towns of Frankfurt, Cologne and Luxembourg has made it into the cargo top ten of German airports. In 1999 it moved up to 78th place in the ACI statistics of “world-wide cargo airports” and in 2000 was in 74th place.

Of help here have been the 24-hour service at the airport on the one hand as well as the opportunity to make use of the short distances and optimum working procedures. It is possible to turn-around a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft for example within three hours.

A further plus point is the customer-orientated competitive situation in the cargo sector. Freight customers have a choice of three competitors. In contrast to many German airports, the decision was made at Hahn against a single involvement and for third party providers and thus for healthy competition to the benefit of the freight customers.

There are currently three companies offering their services at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport: ACL Advanced Cargo Logistic, Airfreight Handling Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH and Hahn Cargo Handling GmbH.

ACL Advanced Cargo Logistic was founded in 1999 as a cargo handling company located at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The company is the largest freight provider on site. Thus, in November 2000 one of the most modern airfreight logistics centres in Europe was brought into operation. The processing concept is directed towards the requirements of the customer and the volume of freight. The latest technologies such as compatible software for the documentation (IATA/IMP standard) and a cargo building with immediate access to the apron offer the customer a comprehensive, logistical production range. This service is rounded off by a complete logistics service cargo handling, documentation, trucking and the processing of all kinds of special freight, which guarantees the customer an accurate and punctual fulfilment of the service standard.

The most recent provider in the matter of cargo handling is Airfreight Handling Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, which has been present at Hahn since April 2001. The daily business is currently looked after by ten staff including freelance workers and subcontractors. Like the continuous accessibility of the airport, the large team is available around the clock as a service provider for the whole spectrum of cargo handling. The most important customer is currently the Russian Aeroflot for which warehousing and cargo handling services are undertaken. From August 2001 two further airlines will be added to this, which will be transhipping their freight for the first time in Hahn. Sufficient capacity for this is readily available: The 4,000 square metre logistics building with direct access to the apron is designed for expansion.

HCH Hahn Cargo Handling GmbH started in October 1999 as a personnel service provider at Hahn Airport. Since November 2000 HCH has been providing the full range of air freight logistics in its own cargo building on an area of 7500 sqm and with an outdoor area of a further 25000 sqm. This enables a logistics service exactly matched to the customers requirements to be provided. Along with all the usual air cargo related services, warehousing and mass production number amongst the services of HCH, and all this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Iran Air, MNG Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlines and Chapman Freeborn number among the main customers of HCH. Around 50 staff are currently employed in Building 501. According to HCH, this figure will double by the year 2003.

And not least, due to the deliberate competitive situation of the three resident providers, ACL Advanced Cargo Logistic, Airfreight Handling Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH and Hahn Cargo Handling GmbH, the airport hopes to see a further positive development trend, which will attract more airlines to Hahn.

In total, about 100 organisations have settled in the business location of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and offer a wide spectrum of different services from the Call-Center via the Travel Agency and Car Rentals right up to Air Cargo Handling.

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