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Press article fom  30.08.2003

New record result: Hahn grows and grows

Frankfurt-Hahn, August 2003 – The traffic figures at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in the first half of 2003 came completely up to expectations. With 1,077,681 passengers, the half-year result for the previous year was exceeded by 81 percent. The airfreight transhipment up to the end of June achieved an increase of 67 percent with 13,576 tonnes. The number of flight movements rose by nine percent to 14,770.

On course for success: Passenger traffic
Scheduled flights play an outstandingly important role in passenger traffic: 98 percent of passengers took advantage of the offers of the scheduled airlines Ryanair and Volareweb.com. This year, the airport company expects 2.3 million passengers. As a result, Frankfurt-Hahn numbers amongst the ten largest airports in Germany - and that after only ten years in the aviation business. The declared objective is to make Hahn the leading "low-cost airport" in Germany. A total of 54 scheduled flights per day appear on the timetable. On top of this, charter flights by well-known tour operators such as TUI, Berge & Meer and FlyCar take off to holiday destinations such as Palma de Mallorca, Varna and Avirdsjaur.

Up-and-coming: Cargo
In the cargo sector too, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is once again showing a positive half-year balance: Up to the end of June 2003, with a total of 13,576 tonnes, the airfreight transhipment showed an increase of 67 percent in comparison to the previous year (first half-year 2002: 8,111 tonnes). At 2,211 tonnes, the transhipment for June 2003 was 69 percent higher than in June 2002. Together with the road feeder service (57,886 tonnes), this makes a total of 71,462 tonnes of freight handled. This means a ten percent increase compared to the previous year. In this half-year alone, 25 charter flights were carried out using an Antonov 124. The highlight was the processing of the Antonov 225, the largest cargo aircraft in the world, which landed at Hahn for the second time in June. Well-known scheduled airlines, such as Aeroflot, Iran Air and Egypt Air, are counting on Hahn. Air France Cargo has been operating an air freight transhipment centre at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport since 1997.

Further information on Frankfurt-Hahn Airport can also be obtained via the website www.hahn-airport.de.

The airport operator, Fraport AG, has been the majority shareholder in the airport company since January 1998. Today, Fraport AG holds 73.07 percent of the shares in Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH and the State of Rhineland Palatinate 26.93 percent.

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