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Press article fom  04.06.2003

Terminal 2 officially opened

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 4th June 2003. The new Terminal 2 was officially opened today at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The Rhineland Palatinate Minister of Transport, Hans-Arthur Bauckhage, Annegret Reinhard-Lehmann, Marketing Manager of Fraport AG and Ry-anair-COO Michael Cawley, as the airport's largest passenger-airline customer, opened the new check-in facilities.

Eight check-in counters, four departure gates, four security check areas, two baggage reclaim belts and 740 square metres of licensee area are ready for use. The new Terminal 2 will be joined to the existing Terminal 1 by means of a weatherproof walkway and is similar to this in its design. It is intended to be used exclusively for Schengen flights. Only a year after the commissioning of the terminal extension, with an effective area of 10,000 square metres there is now a handling capacity for four to five million passengers per year. The first flights will be processed in the new terminal on 10th June. However, visitors will have the opportunity of forming their own impression of the new Terminal 2 over the Whitsun weekend.

Hahn is booming
The Airport Company is expecting as many as 2.3 million passengers this year. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has just recently risen to become one of the 10 largest airports in Germany - and that after only ten years in the aviation business. In 2001, Hahn was still in 20th place. This tremendous development can primarily be attributed to the arrival of the Irish low-cost airline, Ryanair. In the meantime, Ryanair has daily flights to sixteen destinations. On top of this, charter flights by well-known travel organisations such as TUI and Berge & Meer take off to popular holiday destinations such as Palma de Mallorca, Bodrum and Varna. The development in the future will be even more intense. On 30th March, the Italian no-frills carrier, Volareweb.com, started operations with two daily flights to Venice and Brindisi. 8,000 passengers now use the young airport every day. A year ago, there were only 5,000. Just recently, in an extensive opinion poll of 3,000 frequent-flier holidaymakers by the magazine “Reise & Preise”, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was chosen as the third-best airport in Germany from a total of 23 airports.

Fast and good-value
The rapid rise in the number of passengers has required quick solutions in the extension of the infrastructure. In a construction time of only four months, an existing cargo hall has been converted into a passenger terminal. Numerous companies in the region have made their contribution to this. The most up-to-date technical standards have been implemented in this work. Above all, the security-related facilities are an out-standing example. One hundred percent baggage checking is a matter of course at Frankfurt-Hahn. The X-ray inspection equipment used is of the highest standard. The only thing that is intentionally omitted is superfluous paraphernalia. There are no mar-ble floors in the terminal building, no boarding bridges and no computer reservation systems. The result is a functional, value-for-money solution, which looks very impressive.
<7br> "We regard ourselves as a low-cost airport", explains Jörg Schumacher, Director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. "Low-price airlines do not need the passenger terminal to be luxuriously equipped. We build what is needed and what will be paid for." At a total of five million euros, the investment costs for the passenger terminal are less than five euros per yearly passenger. "That is a fraction of the money that other airports spend. In this way, we are perma-nently safeguarding our market leadership against newcomers in the low-cost area", so says Managing Director Andreas Helfer. Our objective is to make Hahn the leading "low-cost location" in Germany.

Service is written in large letters at Hahn
It's just too good to leave Accordingly, the services offered at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are also being expanded. Numerous shopping opportunities are not only of interest to passengers. Above all, service providers from the region have taken the opportunity to lease commercial areas in the terminal.

Car hire, Back-Shop, visitor's terrace, bistro, bookshop, café, Cockpit DVD, delicatessen, Duty Free, hairdresser, cash dispenser, gift shops, jeans shop, art gallery, lottery, optician, travel agent, restaurant, solarium, souvenirs, supermarket, tourist information, wine merchant, newsagent – all this is offered by the two airport terminals - seven days a week.

Car park expansion
New parking facilities were created at the beginning of 2003 for around three million euros. There are now around 6,000 parking spaces available to passengers. A shuttle bus connects the car parks with the passenger terminal.

Bus connection
The bus feeder service is being continually improved. 72 connections on twelve routes are currently provided each day.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has combined the current flight timetable with information on the services provided in a passenger brochure. This can be obtained from the information desk in Terminal 1.

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