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Press article fom  30.01.2004

Now only 9.95 Euro – a real gift!

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 30th January 2004 - Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has long been known for its innovative and original campaigns. Last year, the sensual women's calendar "Women – Hahn-Airport 2004" caused quite a furore throughout Europe. Anyone who would like to secure another copy of the "unsurpassable different" creation is in luck this year. The sensual calendar, with twelve attractive female staff members who work at the airport in a variety of fields, now costs only 9.95 Euro plus p&p and would make an ideal present. There are only a few copies left. They can be ordered now at www.hahn-airport.de or obtained directly from the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport infor-mation desk in Terminal 1.

In Scandinavia, Spain, Ireland or Italy - the "Women – Hahn-Airport 2004" calendar is hanging on almost every wall in the whole of Europe. "Our calendar was particularly hotly sought-after by the Scandinavians", says Maria Muller, who initiated the project and is Marketing Manager of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Over 1,500 copies of the limited edition have been sold throughout Europe since September 2003. As there are now only a few calendars left waiting for a lucky owner, the airport has reduced the selling price of 19.95 Euro by half. For only 9.95 Euro, the "dream women" or the "strong women of the Hahn", as they have been referred to by the German press, can be on display for the whole year.

Sensual, sexy, beautiful - this is how twelve attractive female staff from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, the first and most successful low-cost airport in Germany, presented themselves for the first time in front of the camera of fashion photographer Oliver Rossi from Wiesbaden - an original marketing campaign by the airport that exists at no other German airport and was produced in collaboration with the advertising agency soho! brands & markets.

The makers have ideally captured the range of occupations practised by women at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Two check-in agents, one administrator from the technical department, one member of staff from traffic control, two accounts clerks, two administrators from the real estate department, one architect, one secretary working in administration, the head of terminal marketing and the deputy marketing manager were pictured seductively on the apron, in the departures and arrivals halls and in the cargo area.

Further information and orderings in just a few clicks at www.hahn-airport.de.

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