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Press article fom  03.12.2008

Now you can find tips for city excursions around the airport at www.hahn-airport.de

The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn is not only attractive as a place for departures to fifty destinations in Europe and North Africa but also well liked as a destination itself for tourists from abroad. Due to its convenient geographical location not only excursions to renowned landmarks are easily reached but there are also interesting and attractive cities worth visiting located in the larger vicinity of the airport. You can go to www.hahn-airport.de and choose the English version; in the section “Travel Tips” you will find free event info for concerts, cultural, art and sport events in the cities of Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, Mannheim and Trier.

This Info-Service is supplemented by the section: Insider Tips where the typical Res-taurants, Cafés and Bars of these cities are shown. Besides the current events infor-mation you can find the hottest addresses to go out as well as going shopping - every-thing up-to-date. The departing passengers can access the German start page where we still have the existing section of “Reisetipps” on Information about your destination available in German. We placed these tips onto a map which is able to show you a satellite image in order to get an overview from home of where the landmark you are visiting is located. 1.543 signs/ 26 lines

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