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Press article fom  12.09.2008

New Price Structure and more Transparency for Parking

The Board of Directors of the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH announced this week that parking fees will be adjusted as of September 15. This means that parking the car on the long term parking lot P7 for one week will now cost 30 Euros instead of the 35 Euros up to now, each additional week is only 25 Euros - the shuttle bus will still bring the passengers to the terminal free of charge as before. At the same time the hourly parking fee for the short term parking near the terminal will be slightly raised to 2.50 Euros.

Uwe Klettenheimer, the new administrative CEO at Hahn, explains as follows: “We are happy to be able to relieve our regular customers a bit through this new price structure. First and foremost the holiday travelers who need to park their car at the airport while away on vacation benefit most.” Klettenheimer points out that the last adjustment of the price structure at the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn was in 2006. Since then the airport operator has greatly invested into the construction of new parking lots and into the renewal of existing parking areas. Due to this 2.800 new parking spaces were created in 2007. There are more then 12.000 parking spaces available altogether. At the same time the airport operator is offering a new service all around its parking facilities: for the first time you can book a set parking space ahead of time. Reserva-tions can be made through the Parking Facility Booking System on the airport’s web-site. In addition to that a price calculator is available to help with the choice of parking lot. With it you can determine the exact costs for the chosen parking lot and the length of use. Further information about the location and prices of the parking facilities as well as payment options is available on the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn website: www.hahn-airport.de. (1.962 signs / 29 lines)

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