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Press article fom  12.12.2006

New Logo

Hahn Airport, December 12, 2006. Frankfurt Hahn Airport now has a new logo. Effective immediately, Frankfurt Hahn Airport will be using the Fraport logo to identify its membership in the group. The words "Frankfurt Hahn Airport" will be added to specify the location. It will retain its positioning as a low-cost airport versus the international air traffic hub of Frankfurt.

The Board of Fraport AG has decided to introduce a uniform brand strategy and to modify the logos of its subsidiaries so that they match. The new logo is another step in the process of bringing together the holdings of Fraport Group.

The goal is to strengthen and outwardly display a group identity. The common logo creates cohesion and has a high recognition value. Despite their similar logos, Fraport and its various sites will continue to position themselves according to their distinguishing features.

Fraport AG has held shares in Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH since 1998 and today owns 65 percent of shares.

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