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Press article fom  24.06.2005

Fresh produce every week from Egypt to Germany

Frankfurt-Hahn, June 24, 2005 – Egypt Air Cargo, Egypt's national freight carrier, is changing its aircraft fleet and today presented its first brand-new Airbus A300-600F at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. In honor of the major culinary jamboree of the "à la région" initiative (www.alaregion.de), which was tickling palates at the same time in the airport's gigantic overhaul hangar, the Egyptians used their new Airbus to fly in nearly four tons of grapes for the six hundred guests attending the event. Egypt Air Cargo flies a regular scheduled service once each week to and from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, primarily bringing fresh goods to Germany. The airline is also offering charter business by making roughly three flights a week beyond Cairo to the Near East and Africa. Now that the grape season has begun, thousands of tons of grapes will be delivered for Germany's supermarkets this summer.

At Frankfurt-Hahn Airport today, Asaad Darwish, Chairman and CEO of Egypt Air Cargo, together with his team from Cairo, inaugurated their first brand-new Airbus A300-600F, an all-freight aircraft for medium-range flights. All told, Egypt Air has ordered two of these machines from Airbus – the second A300-600F is scheduled to start flying about early 2006. This new Airbus is an extended, enlarged version of its predecessor, the A300, which the Egyptians have been using up to now. With a carrying capacity of roughly 47 tons (five more than in the past) and a range of about 5000 kilometers, this freighter is more commercially efficient to use and burns far less fuel. Egypt Air Cargo's plans for the future include a sharper focus on the markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Egypt Air Cargo has been making regular cargo flights to and from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport for about two years now, each week flying in perishables such as fruits and vegetables, among other things, from Egypt for distribution in refrigerated trucks to wholesalers and major supermarket chains in Europe by one of the leading perishable - air freight - logistic companies in Germany, Nagel Airfreight GmbH with headquarters at the Frankfurt Airport, or the "Fruchthansa", the Cologne fruit importer and wholesaler. Fruits such as grapes and strawberries, as well as vegetables such as artichokes, zucchini, and cucumbers, make up the greater portion of the cargoes. Among the goods exported to the Middle East and Africa are primarily machine parts and technical equipment.

The airline's market share from Germany to its home market in Cairo today amounts to about 55 percent, meaning a twenty-percent increase over the previous year. And in a current list ranking all airlines in the cargo segment (source: IATA*), Egypt Air Cargo was successful in climbing up nine places from 33rd place in April 2005 to 24th in May 2005. In May 2005, Egypt Air Cargo carried around 700 metric tons, of which 75 percent was handled by way of the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. More information on Egypt Air Cargo, can be obtained at www.egyptair.com.eg.

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*IATA (International Air Transport Association): www.iata.org

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