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Press article fom  05.04.2005

1 plus 2 becomes one

Frankfurt-Hahn, 5 April 2005. The roof of the new terminal infrastructure at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has been completed. With today’s topping-out, another important milestone for the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has been set in place. After only five months construction time – construction activities were started at the beginning of November 2004 – the shell for the new terminal, planned for completion at the beginning of June 2005, has been accomplished. Both existing Terminals 1 and 2 are to be connected into one large terminal with a total of 13,500 square metres at a cost of 3.9 million euros project volume. Up to 5 million passengers can then be checked through the new terminal. Even more store space and gastronomic highlights will delight passengers and visitors alike.

"With today’s terminal-infrastructure topping-out ceremony, we are clearly professing our increased commitment to our low-cost air traffic hub in Frankfurt-Hahn," says Jörg Schumacher, CEO of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. This additional milestone in the airport’s expansion proves once again that low cost is the way ahead for the economic development of the region as well as for Germany.

"Our airport is and will remain an important driving force for the economy, employment, and the service market," adds Andreas Helfer, also General Director. "The German airport scene is transforming from a pure infrastructure-provider into a world of experience for passengers and customers, so we are expanding our terminal and enlarging the selling space and functional areas. Before or after take-off or even sometimes during the weekend our guests stroll through the airport shopping district, enjoy regional and international delicacies or, especially interesting for our business travellers surf the internet or quickly finish up a presentation for the company via our new Wireless LAN service.“ The so-called non-aviation business is a powerful growth driver in the international airport scene. The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport turns over around 70 percent of its overall result in this sphere.

"The airport’s construction philosophy is functionality – and we place more value in that area than on architectural beauty, such as expensive granite floors or glass roofs. Naturally, by using such a simple and functional architectural design we also cut costs," says Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH project-manager Markus Sernatinger, who, together with the Saulheim IPB engineering office as the external project controller is in charge of the entire construction sequence and cost coordination.

The contract for the general layout was given to the Frankfurt am Main JSK International architect’s office in October 2004, responsible, for instance, for the AirRail Center at the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Airport. The Frankfurt planning office also provides the construction supervision while the company Adolf Lupp GmbH & Co. KG from Nidda serves as the general contractor and is responsible for the execution of all services for the turnkey construction.

Preparatory construction work was already started on the ground and in the air in October 2004. The soil and foundation work for the infrastructure was completed in February of this year. Likewise, the steel frame for the infrastructure exterior was manufactured. The fabrication of the roof surfaces was started in mid February. The façade construction has been under way since the end of February. The first interior remodelling work started in March and is scheduled to be finished in May. Completion of the entire project, including the rented structures, is scheduled for June 2005 and will be celebrated during a big terminal-inauguration party.

The new terminal will comprise a total area of 13,500 square metres. In the new area, an additional 1800 square metres of retail area for establishing new stores will take shape. On top of that, three new departure gates and 1100 square metres of operations and traffic areas will be built.

Relocation and more selling space
"Our car rental companies, currently located in Terminal 1, will all be positioned in the connecting structure. That means we will meet every company’s future capacity requirements and create a uniform competitive basis on top of that," explains Sabine Fusenich, responsible for terminal marketing at Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. Moreover, the following will be relocated and have expanded product ranges in the public areas: the Fairland Airport Shops from ´Terminals 1 and 2 were integrated there together with the new partners on board such as Tchibo and Toto Lotto. This shop provides everything required for last-minute travelling needs from A like apple juice to Z like zippers and a rich offering of typical regional products on top of that. Furthermore, the company Sunflight Optics, selling trendy and international designer eyeglasses, will also be relocated from Terminal 1 to the new environment. The product range will then be expanded in the areas of costume jewellery, children’s toys and accessories, as well as objects d’art with an international flair. The SonnenOase will also move from terminal 1 to a larger area. The result is that in the Young Fashion area, even more brands such as Miss Sixty, Puma, Mogul and EastPak and more accessories will be available for the shopping enthusiast in the future.

"We are also having talks with a well-known pharmacy and wellness shop and a company involved in the multimedia sector," Sabine Fusenich points out. In the security area, the gastronomy offerings are being expanded with a seafood snack area and an Italian brand name coffee concept. "The relocations described above will cause additional changes in the present offerings. In Terminal 1 on level 2, an amusement arcade will be opened by Saturn Entertainment operators and in Terminal 2, we are planning an expansion in the luggage/leather goods area," continues Fusenich.

Furthermore, a repositioning of the Travel Value / Duty Free-Shop from the company Gebr. Heinemann now existing in Terminal 1 will be carried out due to the terminal expansion and will experience an enlargement from the current 55 square metres to about 300 square metres. Also, the HDS Retail Deutschland GmbH company will be opening another newsagent’s shop in the Terminal 1 security area.

The terminal’s annals
With the start of civilian air operations in 1993, the first passengers were checked through in a converted officers club. However, due to the quickly increasing number of passengers since 1998, the capacity limits were soon reached.

On 31 March 2000 – following only eight months construction time – the first official passenger terminal (the current terminal 1) with an area of 3000 square metres was opened. There were two stores and one restaurant here. Nine check-in counters, three gates and a suitcase conveyor came into being in Terminal 1, expanded to two floors one year later in July 2001 by an area of about 4,200 square metres, i.e., it was more than doubled. From that time on, level 2 in Terminal 1 with a new observation terrace towered above. An additional gate and luggage belt were installed. From this point, seven stores and four gastronomic facilities were available for the passengers.

Three years later, to be precise, on 4 June 2003, the second terminal was officially opened. Eight check-in counters, four departure gates, four security checkpoints, two luggage-claim belts and 740 square metres of concessionaire space were built in addition. Terminal 2 was connected with the existing Terminal 1 with a wind-protected walkway.

In total, 10,000 square meters of floor space and a total investment of 17 million euros then stood ready for an annual check-in capacity of four to five million passengers. At the moment, there are a total of eleven shops and two banks and nine restaurants in the terminal. Four additional restaurants are ready and waiting for guests.

Starting June 2005, the new terminal will provide space with a total area of 13,500 square meters and an overall investment (together with the existing terminals) of nearly 21 million euros for a capacity of five million passengers. Now, five retail stores are being added to the public domain as well as one gastronomic section in the security area.

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