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Press article fom  10.02.2005

Surf cable-free in Hahn – with W-LAN

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 10th February 2005. Starting immediately Frankfurt-Hahn airport is offering its guests exceptional surfing pleasure even before departure: those who have taken their laptop or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) along can surf the World Wide Web at high-speed without cable-chaos by taking advantage of the W-LAN (Wireless Local Area Network) service from T-Mobile. For instance, you can catch up on the latest world news or find out how the weather is at your destination. Information about the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and on the HotSpot offer from provider T-Mobile can be called up free of charge by clicking on the matching logo. That means the passengers can get information on the exact arrival and departure times, bus schedules, and the numerous services and up-to-date news all around Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and about the diverse products offered by T-Mobile.

This lets especially business travellers make productive and practical use of waiting time, for instance to work on emails, download topical presentations from the intranet or to watch a press-conference video live on the laptop screen. W-LAN enables transmission of large volumes of data at speeds up to 15 times faster than standard DSL.

All public areas including restaurants and cafés as well as the security area (arrival and departure lounges) in the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are equipped. Coverage in selected outdoor areas is also planned for summer. More than nine transceiver antennas, so-called access points, provide comprehensive coverage. The W-LAN infrastructure in Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was set up and is being operated by AirIT, the IT airport service provider and a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraport AG.

Using the service is the easiest thing in the world: HotSpot is automatically detected by T-Com and T-Mobile in the areas provided with WLAN (marked with the HotSpot logo on the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport terminal doors) when the internet browser is started up in WLAN-capable laptops and PDA’s. The user arrives directly in the T-Com and T-Mobile HotSpot portal and is placed into a local network, the so-called „Walled Garden“, which, at this point, exhibits no online connection – meaning, no costs are accumulated. From here, the customer can call up information about the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (by clicking on the corresponding logo in the HotSpot portal) and about the T-Mobile HotSpot service.

A username and personal password are needed to login on the internet. T-Mobile customers, who frequently use HotSpot - also in foreign countries - can profit from having a permanently valid access code. To order one, SMS the keyword “open” to the mobile-phone quick dial number 9526. The reply SMS will contain a username and a password with which you can login worldwide. There are no standby feeds or basic charges. Accounting is taken care of comfortably via the monthly mobile- or fixed-line telephone invoice.

Customers without a connectivity contract can purchase a so-called HotSpot Pass in the HotSpot portal with a utilization period of one, three, or 24 hours. The account is settled with your credit card. In the HotSpot portal, there is an independent menu in which the necessary information can be entered in order to use the service through credit card payment. After the expiration date, type of credit card, card owner’s name and number have been entered, the user receives the internet access information after a couple of seconds and can start surfing at will, cable free and boundlessly.

You can obtain additional information at www.t-mobile.de/business/hotspot.

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